Jim Hey Guys, This is Jim from SpoonFed Productions. Welcome to our website. I have been doing Kodi videos for a while  now and I strive to publish the best content that I possibly can for YOU the viewer. While my videos are mainly geared toward the beginner Kodi user, I hope that no matter what level of knowledge my viewers may have, they can learn something from my videos.

What is SpoonFed Productions?

SpoonFed Productions is a multimedia educational platform to assist with topics such as Kodi, technology, software, hardware and more. We also provide reviews on the latest products.

We strive to inform the public about all of the technological options that are available, with a special focus on Kodi. Be sure to follow us on all of our social media so you can stay up to date on our latest content.



Kodi wizards will now be found on the new page. spoonfedproduction.com/wizards


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