This is Jim from SpoonFed Productions. Welcome to our website. We have been doing Kodi videos for a while now and plan to make a few changes in 2018. You will still see the the occasional Kodi videos on Youtube in addition to Live streams on our updated Twitch Channel. As of January 2018 we plan to start several projects on Twitch. One will be called “Coffee With SpoonFed” In most cases this will be Open Topic and we’ll respond to questions in chat. Second, we’ll attempt to stream some PS4 game play just for kicks (remember I’m No gamer}. So, Feel free to follow us on Twitch as well as Youtube.

Why are we changing things up?

As many of you know, there have been changes made to the youtube platform that negatively impact creators and many like us are having their videos demonetized. So, the cost of doing the videos, having the website servers and everything else falls directly on us. It’s our hope that Twitch will bring in some additional revenue to help cover those cost.
In addition to Twitch we may try to do something on Patreon. We’re open to suggestions as to what to do there.

We hope that you stick with us as we try to navigate our way through the changing tides and we look forward to seeing you on Twitch in 2018.



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 Here are two Great entertainment systems. 1. NVIDIA SHIELD TV and 2. XIAOMI MI BOX.  Play anything from Kodi to Playstation Vue on just one device.