Need help with buffering or cache issues in Kodi?

We get asked from time to time about Kodi buffering and cache issues, so I decided to create a post dedicated to this subject.

If you are like me when you get ready to watch a show or movie on Kodi you want it to play seamlessly. It is just annoying when it constantly stops and starts. Or when you get that lovely “cache full” message. I used to just turn it off when that would happen. Fortunately though there is something you can do about it and I am going to teach you how.

The method I am going to show you is the one I use on every device in our house and it is specific to each device.

The first thing you need to do is go to your Kodi main screen, go over to System and down to System Info. Click on system info and under summary look at where it says free memory and remember that number. The android box I am using shows 859 MB (your number will probably be different). Next we are going to do some math. I know, yippee, but you can break out the calculator. You are going to take the number from the free memory (you remembered it right?) and divide it by 3. Mine was 859/3=286. Now take 286 and multiply by 1024. 286×1024=292864. Now take THAT number and multiply it by 1024. 292864×1024=299892736. Write this number down. You will need it in a minute. (Make sure you use YOUR number when dividing and multiplying, not my number above that I used as an example)

For the next step you need to get the Easy Advanced Settings add on (which is in Jim’s list of Kodi repositories under the kinkins repo) and install it. After you install Easy Advanced Settings you are going to open it and click edit settings < network settings < network. The first change you are going to make is to:

curlclienttimeout- change this to 10

curlowspeedtime- change this to 10

cachemembuffersize- change this from DISABLED to that long number we figured up a minute ago. 299892736

buffermode change this to 2

readbufferfactor change this from DISABLED to 5

Now go back until you get to the screen where we started that says Edit Settings at the top. Click on Write XML File. This is very very important!! If you forget this step NOTHING you just did will be saved. Once you click on that you will see a message pop up on the bottom of the screen that says File Created. When you see that message you are finished and you can close out Easy Advanced Settings.

Now your buffering should be WAY better and the cache full message should be gone (I have personally never seen it again after doing this).There are tons of videos or webpages that claim they can fix your buffering issues 100%, but that is simply not true. There are other factors that contribute to buffering, like your internet speed, how fast your device is, if you are on wifi vs ethernet, the sources you are pulling from, etc. Some of those things you really have no control over so there is no way to 100% fix buffering (regardless of what some people claim), but this will dramatically improve it if not stop it completely. I very seldom have any buffering and I never get a cache full message anymore. Make sure you are also purging packages and clear your cache frequently too. You can use the Maintenance Tool in TV Addons or Raw Maintenance in the Raw Maintenance repository.

I hope this help you!

Take Care,



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